Whiteford Hall of Fame

Adams, AimeeSoftball 1st Team 1991
Adams, JenniSoftball 1st Team 1992; Softball 1st Team 1993
Adams, NolanBaseball 1st Team 2017
Adams, ToddBaseball 1st Team 1994
Adams, WendyBasketball 2nd Team 1995; Softball 1st Team 1993; Softball 1st Team 1994; Softball 1st Team 1995; Softball 1st Team 1996
Andrew TodaBaseball 1st Team 2018
Atherton, JarretFootball 1st Team 2017
Baldwin, BayleeSoftball 1st Team 2018; Softball 1st Team 2019
Ballert, DavidBaseball 1st Team 1988
Barron, AshleighSoftball 1st Team 2006; Softball 1st Team 2007
Barron, KelsieSoftball 1st Team 2009
Bauman, MariannSoftball 1st Team 1993; Softball 1st Team 1994
Bauman, NoahFootball 1st Team 2019 2020, 2021
Beauregard, RyanTrack 4th Place Discus 2010
Beck, JoshBaseball 1st Team 2015; Baseball 1st Team 2016
Berns-Moore, KarsynSoftball 1st Team 2018; Softball 1st Team 2019
Bertz, HerbieFootball 2nd Team 2016
Bertz, ZackFootball 2nd Team 2017
Bierley, BrianBaseball 1st Team 1989
Billau, AmbrelleSoftball, 1st Team 2021; 1st Team 2022
Billau, JoshBaseball 2nd Team 1999
Billau, JustinBaseball 2nd Team 1996; Baseball 1st Team, 1997
Bischoff, AustinBaseball 2nd Team 2011
Bitz, MollyTrack 4th PlaceTwo-Mile 1975; Track State Champion Two-Mile 1976
Bradyn Clark-GilmoreFootball 1st Team 2018
Brighton, ChelseaVolleyball 3rd Team 2007
Bunge, JanieVolleyball 2nd Team 2014
Butz, CharlieFootball 1st Team 1994
Butz, RobertAt-Large Selection Selection 2010
Carter, GaryBasketball 2nd Team 1983
Chany, BreanneSoftball 1st Team 2000
Clark, SandyVolleyball Coach of the Year 1985
Cowell, RachelSoftball 1st Team 1994
Crigger, ShannonTrack 5th Place 1600 1997
Crots, KenAt-Large Selection 2014
Crozier, JoelBaseball 2nd Team 2012
DeLand, LeAnnSoftball 1st Team 2000
DeShaun WilliamsFootball 1st Team 2018
DiTerlizzi, DominicBaseball 1st Team 2001
Draper, SteveBaseball 2nd Team 1994
DuPree, ChrisTrack 5th Place 100 1988; Track 6th Place 200 1988; Track 2nd Place 100 1989; Track 2nd Place 200 1989
DuPree, EverettAt-Large Selection 2017
DuPree, JakeAt-Large Selection 2020
DuPree, JoshTrack 2nd place High Jump 2006; Track 2nd Place 400 2006; Track 2nd Place 200 2007; Track State Champion 100 2008; Track State Champion 400 2008; Track 2nd Place 200 2008; Football 1st Team 2007; Basketball 1st Team 2008
DuPree, TonyAt-Large Selection 2020
Dusseau, AdamCross Country 1991; Track 2nd Place 1600; Track State Champion 3200 1992
Eitniear, ThomasFootball 1st Team 2015; Baseball 2nd Team 2016; Football 1st Team 2017; Baseball 1st Team 2018
Farrell, ShanaTrack 6th Place 400 1997
Fisher, RobBaseball 1st Team 2010
Flanner, GeorgeTrack 5th Place Discus 2005; Track State Champion Discus 2007; Track State Champion Shot Put 2007; Football 1st Team 2006
Flanner, NeilTrack 4th Place 3200 2003; Track 5th Place 1600 2003
Funchion, BryceBaseball 1st Team 2007
Funchion, KaleighSoftball 1st Team 2015
Futrell, EmmettFootball 1st Team 1959
Futrell, TerryAt-Large Selection 2010
Gaverick, JoeWrestling 2nd Place 1976
Giesige, ColeBaseball 2nd Team 2021, Football 1st Team 2021
Granata, AlyssaSoftball 1st Team 2017
Granata, CaitlinSoftball 1st Team 2010
Gray, KelvinBaseball 2nd Team 1999
Green, LynetteVolleyball 3rd Team 1984
Gust, JoeBaseball 2nd Team 2002; Baseball 2nd Team 2003
Hammons, Leigh AnnSoftball 1st Team 1993, Softball 1st Team 1994
Hansen, BillBaseball 2nd Team 2009
Hardin, ToddTrack 4th Place 400 1980
Hauser, LizzyTrack 6th Place High Jump 2008
Hill, NickBaseball 1st Team 2001
Hillard, LeviBaseball, 2nd Team 2021
Hubbard, KarenBasketball 2nd Team 1978; Basketball 1st Team 1979
Hubbard, KrisBasketball Coach of the Year 1984
Hughes, JustinBaseball 2nd Team 2012
Hughes, MattBaseball 2nd Team 1991
Iott, JoeFootball 1st Team 1992
Iott, JohnFootball 1st Team 1989
Iott, MillySoftball 1st Team 2019
Iott, PatAt-Large Selection 2010
Iott, RhondaSoftball 1st Team 1987
Johnson, MirandaTrack 3rd Place Long Jump 2011; Track 4th Place 200 2011; Track State Champion Long Jump 2012; Track 4th Place 100 2012; Track State Champion Long Jump 2012; Track 2nd Place 100 2012; Track State Champion 200 2012; Track State Champion Long Jump 2013; Track 2nd Place 100 2013; Track State Champion 200 2013; Track State Champion Long Jump 2014; Track 2nd Place 100 2014; Track State Champion 200 2014
Jones, BarryBasketball 1st Team 1989
Kahsen, KenBaseball 2nd Team 1996
Keeling, ChelseaTrack 4th Place 100 2005; Track 4th Place 400 2005; Track 4th Place 200 2005
Keller, BerlynnSoftball, 1st Team 2021, 1st Team 2022
Keller, DanAt-Large Selection 2010
Kellerbaurer, AaronFootball 2nd Team 2011
Kiefer, JesseFootball 1st Team 2015; Football 1st Team 2016
Kiefer, JodiSoftball 2nd Team 1987
Knaggs, TinaSoftball 2nd Team 1984
Knaggs, TraciVolleyball 1st Team 1982; Softball 2nd Team 1982
Koppelman, DeeBasketball 1st Team 1990; Softball 2nd Team 1989; Softball 1st Team 1990, Softball 1st Team 1991
Koppelman, LeslieVolleyball 2nd Team 1994
Koppelman, RaeVolleyball 2nd Team 1997; Volleyball 1st Team 1998; Softball 1st Team 1998
Koppelman, RichAt-Large Selection 2010
Kramer, MicahFootball 1st Team 1995
Kremnetz, RandyTrack 5th Place Shot Put 1966
Kubitz, RonFootball 1st Team 1964
Kutzke, AlisaSoftball 2nd Team 1985
Kutzke, FredBaseball 1st Team 1995; Football 1st Team 1993; Football 1st Team 1994
Lake, ColinBasketball 1st Team 2012; Basketball 1st Team 2013; Basketball 1st Team 2014
Lake, HunterFootball 2nd Team 2017; 1st Team 2018
Langenderfer, PamSoftball 1st Team 1992
LaRocca, JamiTrack Coach of the Year 2007
LaRoy, GabeBaseball 2nd Team 2013
Leathers, SaraSoftball 2nd Team 1984
Lenhart, ConnorGolf 1st Team 2016; Golf 1st Team 2017; Golf 1st Team 2018
Long, LorieVolleyball 1st Team 1977; Track 5th Place Shot Put 1977
Long, SandySoftball 1st Team 1984; Softball 1st Team 1985; Basketball 2nd Team 1984
Luck, MikeFootball 1st Team 1971
Luettke, JackBaseball Coach of the Year 1991
Lykowski, LizAt-Large Selection 2010
Manley, ErinSoftball 1st Team 2016; Softball 1st Team 2017
Mensing, JasonFootball Coach of the Year 2017
Minsel, HollyTrack State Champion 3200 1991
Miracola, AnthonyBasketball 1st Team 2003
Murphy, DawnBasketball 1st Team 1988; Basketball 1st Team 1989; Softball 2nd Team 1989; Softball 1st Team 1990
Murphy, LoganFootball 1st Team 2017; 1st Team 2018
Nieman, BradBasketball 1st Team 1988
Osnowitz, EdAt-Large Selection 2015
Ovall, ChrisFootball 1st Team 2000
Ovall, CoreyTrack 3rd Place Discus 2004
Ovall, DanTrack 3rd Place Discus 2007
Overman, OliviaTrack 6th Place Discus 2013
Pant, TravisBaseball 1st Team 2009
Perry, DougBaseball 1st Team 1989
Plumer, BobbyGolf Top 10 2002
Puse, KeagenTrack 2nd Place 300 Hurdles 2004; Track 4th Place 100 Hurdles 2005; Track State Champion 300 Hurdles 2005; Track 3rd Place 110 Hurdles 2006; Track 2nd Place 300 Hurdles 2006
Relay team400 Relay 3rd Place 1988 (Chris DuPree, Troy Goetz, Bryan Pfaff, Matt Waterford)
Relay team400 Relay 3rd Place 1988 (Chris DuPree, Troy Goetz, Bryan Pfaff, Matt Waterford)
Relay team800 Relay 2nd Place 2005 (Josh DuPree, Anthony LaRocca, Keagen Puse, Nate Seevers)
Relay team400 Relay 2nd Place 2006 (Aaron Flanner, Keagen Puse, Nate Seevers, Josh DuPree)
Relay team1600 Relay 5th Place 2008 (Aaron Flanner, Ryan Klima, David Lindsay, Josh DuPree)
Relay team400 Relay 2nd Place 2007 (Josh DuPree, George Flanner, Dan Ovall, Nate Seevers)
Relay team800 Relay 3rd Place 2007 (Josh DuPree, Brandon Iott, Dan Ovall, Nate Seevers)
Relay team800 Relay 5th Place 2003 (Vince LaRocca, Brandon Martin, Bobby Plumer, Matt Ringle)
Relay team400 Relay 3rd place 2021 (Paige Thomas, Madelyn Thomas, Aubrie Simmons, Annie Gapp)
Rice, JohnBasketball Coach of the Year 1982
Ritzenthaler, EmilySoftball 1st Team 2014
Ritzenthaler, JakeBaseball 2nd Team 2008; Baseball 2nd Team 2009
Roberts, JoeBaseball 2nd Team 2002
Ross, LeighBasketball 1st Team 1986; Basketball 1st Team 1987; Softball 2nd Team 1985; Softball 1st Team 1987
Russell, DickFootball 2nd Team 1964
Schmidt, HollySoftball 1st Team 1982
Schmidt, PegSoftball 1st Team 1990
Seevers, NateTrack 6th Place Long Jump 2007
Seigneur, DarylGolf Top 10 1976
Sharpe, EddieBasketball 1st Team 1997; Basketball 1st Team 1998
Sieler, TimWrestling State Champion 1982
Sims, ChrisFootball 1st Team 2012
Smith, ShelleySoftball 1st Team 1990; Softball 1st Team 1991
Smith, ToddBaseball 1st Team 1991
Stark, JeffTrack 2nd Place Pole Vault 1977
Stark, RobertFootball 2nd Team 1961
Steffen, MikeFootball 2nd Team 1972
Strahan, BradBasketball 1st Team 1994
Sturdevant, RichardWrestling 2nd Place 1986; Football 1st Team 1985
Swaney, ChrisTrack 4th Place Discus 1996; Track 4th Place Discus 1998
Taylor, MatthewFootball 1st Team 2017
Tesznar, LucasFootball 1st Team 2016; Football 1st Team 2017
Thomas, PaigeTrack 3rd 400 2021; Track 4th 100 2021; Track 5th 200 2021
Tomes, DianeTrack State Champion 880 1975
Tomes, SonyaTrack 5th Place Mile 1975; Track 2nd Place Mile 1976
Trabbic, CindySoftball 1st Team 1990
Track, GrantBaseball 2nd Team 2011
VanBrandt, JamieSoftball 1st Team 1986; Softball 2nd Team 1987; Softball 2nd Team 1988
VanBrandt, MattBaseball 1st Team 1992
Viers, JackiSoftball 2nd Team 1985
Walker, LindseySoftball 1st Team 2017; Softball 1st Team 2018; Softball 1st Team 2019
Wallace, PamVolleyball 1st Team 1977
Warner, GaryAt-Large Selection 2010
Welly, JimTrack 6th Place Shot Put 1986; Track 5th Place 200 1986; Wrestling 2nd Place 1986
Welly, PaulWrestling State Champion 1982
White, PaigeVolleyball 2nd Team 2011
Wohlfarth, NickFootball 1st Team 2002
Yingling, KerryTrack 5th Place High Jump 1990

Future Inductees

Ruddy, SheaFootball, 1st Team 2021; 1st Team 2022
VanBrandt, AlySoftball, 1st Team, 2021; 1st Team 2022
Waterford, SeamusFootball, 1st Team, 2022
Luse, BraydenFootball, 1st Team, 2022
Thieken, ToddFootball, 1st Team, 2022
Ondrovick, BobFootball, MHSFCA Hall of Fame Inductee 2022
Thomas, Madelyn400 Relay 3rd place 2021 (Paige Thomas, Madelyn Thomas, Aubrie Simmons, Annie Gapp)
Neslon, UnitySoftball, 1st Team 2021
Tammerine, LoganBaseball, 2nd Team, 2021
Iott, JakeFootball 1st Team 2022
DeBarr, HunterFootball 1st Team 2022
Ruddy, RyinFootball 1st Team 2022
Gapp, Annie400 Relay 3rd place 2021 (Paige Thomas, Madelyn Thomas, Aubrie Simmons, Annie Gapp)
Simmons, Aubrie400 Relay 3rd place 2021 (Paige Thomas, Madelyn Thomas, Aubrie Simmons, Annie Gapp)

Whiteford Hall of Fame Criteria

Football1st or 2nd Team All-State by Associated Press, Detroit News, Detroit Free Press or Michigan High School Football Coaches Association
GolfTop 10 finish at state meet or 1st Team All-State by Michigan High School Golf Coaches Association
Volleyball1st, 2nd or 3rd Team All-State by Michigan Interscholastic Volleyball Coaches Association
Boys and Girls Basketball1st or 2nd team All-State by Associated Press, Detroit News, Detroit Free Press or Michigan High School Basketball Coaches Association
Baseball1st or 2nd Team All-State by Michigan High School Baseball Coaches Association
Softball1st or 2nd Team All-State by Michigan High School Softball Coaches Association
TrackTop 6 finish in any individual event at MHSAA State Finals
Cross CountryAll-State finish at MHSAA Cross Country meet
Wrestling1st or 2nd at state wrestling meet