Whiteford Hall of Fame adds eight

Whiteford’s Athletic Hall of Fame added eight new members Friday night, one of the largest class in several years.

Here is the complete list of Hall of Fame members:


Adams, Aimee Softball 1st Team 1991
Adams, Jenni Softball 1st Team 1992; Softball 1st Team 1993
Adams, Nolan Baseball 1st Team 2017
Adams, Todd Baseball 1st Team 1994
Adams, Wendy Basketball 2nd Team 1995; Softball 1st Team 1993; Softball 1st Team 1994; Softball 1st Team 1995; Softball 1st Team 1996
Atherton, Jarret Football 1st Team 2017
Ballert, David Baseball 1st Team 1988
Barron, Ashleigh Softball 1st Team 2006; Softball 1st Team 2007
Barron, Kelsie Softball 1st Team 2009
Bauman, Mariann Softball 1st Team 1993; Softball 1st Team 1994
Beauregard, Ryan Track 4th Place Discus 2010
Beck, Josh Baseball 1st Team 2015; Baseball 1st Team 2016
Bertz, Herbie Football 2nd Team 2015
Bierley, Brian Baseball 1st Team 1989
Billau, Josh Baseball 2nd Team 1999
Billau, Justin Baseball 2nd Team 1996; Baseball 1st Team, 1997
Bischoff, Austin Baseball 2nd Team 2011
Bitz, Molly Track 4th PlaceTwo-Mile 1975; Track State Champion Two-Mile 1976
Brighton, Chelsea Volleyball 3rd Team 2007
Bunge, Janie Volleyball 2nd Team 2014
Butz, Charlie Football 1st Team 1994
Butz, Robert At-Large Selection Selection 2010
Carter, Gary Basketball 2nd Team 1983
Chany, Breanne Softball 1st Team 2000
Clark, Sandy Volleyball Coach of the Year 1985
Cowell, Rachel Softball 1st Team 1994
Crigger, Shannon Track 5th Place 1600 1997
Crots, Ken At-Large Selection 2014
Crozier, Joel Baseball 2nd Team 2012
DeLand, LeAnn Softball 1st Team 2000
DiTerlizzi, Dominic Baseball 1st Team 2001
Draper, Steve Baseball 2nd Team 1994
DuPree, Chris Track 5th Place 100 1988; Track 6th Place 200 1988; Track 2nd Place 100 1989; Track 2nd Place 200 1989
DuPree, Everett At-Large Selection 2017
DuPree, Josh Track 2nd place High Jump 2006; Track 2nd Place 400 2006; Track 2nd Place 200 2007; Track State Champion 100 2008; Track State Champion 400 2008; Track 2nd Place 200 2008; Football 1st Team 2007; Basketball 1st Team 2008
Dusseau, Adam Cross Country 1991; Track 2nd Place 1600; Track State Champion 3200 1992
Eitniear, Thomas Football 1st Team 2015; Baseball 2nd Team 2016; Football 1st Team 2017
Farrell, Shana Track 6th Place 400 1997
Fisher, Rob Baseball 1st Team 2010
Flanner, George Track 5th Place Discus 2005; Track State Champion Discus 2007; Track State Champion Shot Put 2007; Football 1st Team 2006
Flanner, Neil Track 4th Place 3200 2003; Track 5th Place 1600 2003
Funchion, Bryce Baseball 1st Team 2007
Funchion, Kaleigh Softball 1st Team 2015
Futrell, Emmett Football 1st Team 1959
Futrell, Terry At-Large Selection 2010
Gaverick, Joe Wrestling 2nd Place 1976
Granata, Alyssa Softball 1st Team 2017
Granata, Caitlin Softball 1st Team 2010
Gray, Kelvin Baseball 2nd Team 1999
Green, Lynette Volleyball 3rd Team 1984
Gust, Joe Baseball 2nd Team 2002; Baseball 2nd Team 2003
Hammons, Leigh Ann Softball 1st Team 1993, Softball 1st Team 1994
Hansen, Bill Baseball 2nd Team 2009
Hardin, Todd Track 4th Place 400 1980
Hauser, Lizzy Track 6th Place High Jump 2008
Hill, Nick Baseball 1st Team 2001
Hubbard, Karen Basketball 2nd Team 1978; Basketball 1st Team 1979
Hubbard, Kris Basketball Coach of the Year 1984
Hughes, Justin Baseball 2nd Team 2012
Hughes, Matt Baseball 2nd Team 1991
Iott, Joe Football 1st Team 1992
Iott, John Football 1st Team 1989
Iott, Pat At-Large Selection 2010
Iott, Rhonda Softball 1st Team 1987
Johnson, Miranda Track 3rd Place Long Jump 2011; Track 4th Place 200 2011; Track State Champion Long Jump 2012; Track 4th Place 100 2012; Track State Champion Long Jump 2012; Track 2nd Place 100 2012; Track State Champion 200 2012; Track State Champion Long Jump 2013; Track 2nd Place 100 2013; Track State Champion 200 2013
Jones, Barry Basketball 1st Team 1989
Kahsen, Ken Baseball 2nd Team 1996
Keeling, Chelsea Track 4th Place 100 2005; Track 4th Place 400 2005; Track 4th Place 200 2005
Keller, Dan At-Large Selection 2010
Kellerbaurer, Aaron Football 2nd Team 2011
Kiefer, Jesse Football 1st Team 2015; Football 1st Team 2016
Kiefer, Jodi Softball 2nd Team 1987
Knaggs, Tina Softball 2nd Team 1984
Knaggs, Traci Volleyball 1st Team 1982; Softball 2nd Team 1982
Koppelman, Dee Basketball 1st Team 1990; Softball 2nd Team 1989; Softball 1st Team 1990, Softball 1st Team 1991
Koppelman, Leslie Volleyball 2nd Team 1994
Koppelman, Rae Volleyball 2nd Team 1997; Volleyball 1st Team 1998; Softball 1st Team 1998
Koppelman, Rich At-Large Selection 2010
Kramer, Micah Football 1st Team 1995
Kremnetz, Randy Track 5th Place Shot Put 1966
Kubitz, Ron Football 1st Team 1964
Kutzke, Alisa Softball 2nd Team 1985
Kutzke, Fred Baseball 1st Team 1995; Football 1st Team 1993; Football 1st Team 1994
Lake, Colin Basketball 1st Team 2012; Basketball 1st Team 2013; Basketball 1st Team 2014
Langenderfer, Pam Softball 1st Team 1992
LaRocca, Jami Track Coach of the Year 2007
LaRoy, Gabe Baseball 2nd Team 2013
Leather, Sara Softball 2nd Team 1984
Lenhart, Connor Golf 1st Team 2016; Golf 1st Team 2017
Long, Lorie Volleyball 1st Team 1977; Track 5th Place Shot Put 1977
Long, Sandy Softball 1st Team 1984; Softball 1st Team 1985; Basketball 2nd Team 1984
Luck, Mike Football 1st Team 1971
Luettke, Jack Baseball Coach of the Year 1991
Lykowski, Liz At-Large Selection 2010
Manley, Erin Softball 1st Team 2016; Softball 1st Team 2017
Mensing, Jason Football Coach of the Year 2017
Minsel, Holly Track State Champion 3200 1991
Miracola, Anthony Basketball 1st Team 2003
Murphy, Dawn Basketball 1st Team 1988; Basketball 1st Team 1989; Softball 2nd Team 1989; Softball 1st Team 1990
Nieman, Brad Basketball 1st Team 1988
Osnowitz, Ed At-Large Selection 2015
Ovall, Chris Football 1st Team 2000
Ovall, Corey Track 3rd Place Discus 2004
Ovall, Dan Track 3rd Place Discus 2007
Overman, Olivia Track 6th Place Discus 2013
Pant, Travis Baseball 1st Team 2009
Perry, Doug Baseball 1st Team 1989
Plumer, Bobby Golf Top 10 2002
Puse, Keagen Track 2nd Place 300 Hurdles 2004; Track 4th Place 100 Hurdles 2005; Track State Champion 300 Hurdles 2005; Track 3rd Place 110 Hurdles 2006; Track 2nd Place 300 Hurdles 2006
Relay team 400 Relay 3rd Place 1988 (Chris DuPree, Troy Goetz, Bryan Pfaff, Matt Waterford)
Relay team 400 Relay 3rd Place 1988 (Chris DuPree, Troy Goetz, Bryan Pfaff, Matt Waterford)
Relay team 800 Relay 2nd Place 2005 (Josh DuPree, Anthony LaRocca, Keagen Puse, Nate Seevers)
Relay team 400 Relay 2nd Place 2006 (Aaron Flanner, Keagen Puse, Nate Seevers, Josh DuPree)
Relay team 1600 Relay 5th Place 2008 (Aaron Flanner, Ryan Klima, David Lindsay, Josh DuPree)
Relay team 400 Relay 2nd Place 2007 (Josh DuPree, George Flanner, Dan Ovall, Nate Seevers)
Relay team 800 Relay 3rd Place 2007 (Josh DuPree, Brandon Iott, Dan Ovall, Nate Seevers)
Relay team 800 Relay 5th Place 2003 (Vince LaRocca, Brandon Martin, Bobby Plumer, Matt Ringle)
Rice, John Basketball Coach of the Year 1982
Ritzenthaler, Emily Softball 1st Team 2014
Ritzenthaler, Jake Baseball 2nd Team 2008; Baseball 2nd Team 2009
Roberts, Joe Baseball 2nd Team 2002
Ross, Leigh Basketball 1st Team 1986; Basketball 1st Team 1987; Softball 2nd Team 1985; Softball 1st Team 1987
Russell, Dick Football 2nd Team 1964
Schmidt, Holly Softball 1st Team 1982
Schmidt, Peg Softball 1st Team 1990
Seevers, Nate Track 6th Place Long Jump 2007
Seigneur, Daryl Golf Top 10 1976
Sharpe, Eddie Basketball 1st Team 1997; Basketball 1st Team 1998
Sieler, Tim Wrestling State Champion 1982
Sims, Chris Football 1st Team 2012
Smith, Shelley Softball 1st Team 1990; Softball 1st Team 1991
Smith, Todd Baseball 1st Team 1991
Stark, Jeff Track 2nd Place Pole Vault 1977
Stark, Robert Football 2nd Team 1961
Steffen, Mike Football 2nd Team 1972
Strahan, Brad Basketball 1st Team 1994
Sturdevant, Richard Wrestling 2nd Place 1986; Football 1st Team 1985
Swaney, Chris Track 4th Place Discus 1996; Track 4th Place Discus 1998
Taylor, Matthew Football 1st Team 2017
Tesznar, Lucas Football 1st Team 2016; Football 1st Team 2017
Tomes, Diane Track State Champion 880 1975
Tomes, Sonya Track 5th Place Mile 1975; Track 2nd Place Mile 1976
Trabbic, Cindy Softball 1st Team 1990
Track, Grant Baseball 2nd Team 2011
VanBrandt, Jamie Softball 1st Team 1986; Softball 2nd Team 1987; Softball 2nd Team 1988
VanBrandt, Matt Baseball 1st Team 1992
Viers, Jackie Softball 2nd Team 1985
Wallace, Pam Volleyball 1st Team 1977
Warner, Gary At-Large Selection 2010
Welly, Jim Track 6th Place Shot Put 1986; Track 5th Place 200 1986; Wrestling 2nd Place 1986
Welly, Paul Wrestling State Champion 1982
White, Paige Volleyball 2nd Team 2011
Wohlfarth, Nick Football 1st Team 2002
Yingling, Kerry Track 5th Place High Jump 1990
Updated 1.27.18  


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