2019-20 TCC enrollment figures released

The MHSAA has released its 2019-20 enrollment data.

The bulk of the TCC will remain Class C for the 2019-20 school year. However, Madison will be a Class B school in 2019-20, the first time in the league’s nearly 50-year history that one of the schools fall into the Class B category.

Britton Deerfield, with an enrollment of 188, just sneaks into Class D. The cut-off for Class D is 188.

The TCC will be a seven-team league in 2019-20 as Whitmore Lake has left. Erie Mason is expected to join the TCC for the 2020-21 school year. For a comparison, attached are the TCC and LCAA enrollment numbers for the next school year.

TCC 2019-20 Enrollment Class
Madison 398 B
Clinton 328 C
Sand Creek 256 C
Whiteford 235 C
Summerfield 210 C
Morenci 206 C
Britton Deerfield 188 D
LCAA 2019-20 Enrollment Class
Dundee 497 B
Ida 471 B
Onsted 449 B
Hillsdale 445 B
Columbia Central 414 B
Blissfield 381 C
Erie Mason 371 C
Hudson 262 C


Schools with 863 or more students are Class A, those with 395-862 are Class B, those with 189-394 are Class C and schools with 188 and below are Class D.

Divisions for sports such as basketball, volleyball, baseball, softball and track will be announced later.

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