Whiteford’s opening playoff opponent to be determined by coin toss

Whiteford has locked itself into the third seed in the district after being Summerfield Friday. But, a coin flip between two TCC teams will determine who Whiteford’s opponent will be.

Summerfield and Britton Deerfield both are 1-5 and have 14.167 playoff points, tying for the 5th and 6th seeding position.

The first MHSAA tie-breaker is head-to-head and the two Tri-County Conference schools didn’t play each other this year. The second tie-breaker is opponents winning percentage – and BD and Summerfield are tied again as their opponents won 61.1 percent of their games. The third tie-breaker is a coin-flip.

“That’s what it looks like its going to be,” said Britton Deerfield coach Erik Johnson, who, ironically, used to coach Summerfield. “The only thing we’ve heard from the MHSAA is that the pairings will come out around noon Sunday. I guess maybe they’ll flip the coin before that.”

The coin flip is expected to be done by MHSAA officials just prior to the announcement of the pairings.

The Bobcats beat Britton Deerfield 22-20 in Week 5 and Summerfield 34-29 in Week 6.

Whiteford will be making its ninth consecutive playoff appearance.

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