Pant moves into Top 20 in all-time TCC coaches championships

Whiteford baseball coach Terry Pant captured his sixth all-time TCC championship this spring, moving him into a tie for 20th place on the all-time list of coaches and TCC titles.

Ernie Ayers (SC)31
Josh Powers (Mad)27
Kris Hubbard (Whs)25
Darrell Polter (Sum)17
Sandy Clark (Whs-Mor)13
Kay Johnson (Mor)11
Larry Steeb (WL)10
Bob Arnold (SC)10
Bart Bartels (Bri-Clinton)10
Charlie Risner (SC)8
Jamie LaRocca (Sum-Whs)8
John Rice (Whs)8
Rick McNeil (Madison)8
Erik Thompson (Madison)8
Mike Zyla (SC)8
Robert Taylor (Sum)7
Bob Edelbrock (Sum)7
Jack Luettke (Whs)7
Kathy Albers (Whs)7
Jim Gilmore (Mor)6
Bob Howard (Sum)6
Scott McNitt (Clinton)6
Jim Sperling (Madison)6
Terry Pant (Whiteford)6

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