Bobcat cross country team competes at Erie Mason in alternative-style run

The Whiteford Cross Country team ran Tuesday at Erie Mason. This was not the normal 3.1-mile race.  Runners were paired up alternating 1-mile runs until they each completed three miles (total six miles combined).

The girls ran first and placed 7th of 8 teams.  The team of Molly Bartlett and Mia Miller were Whiteford’s top finishers (68th place).  Kaissidy Homolka was the team’s quickest runner averaging 7:43 per Mile.

The boys’ team placed 7th of nine schools.  Corbin Willis and Daniel Gapp led Whiteford (52nd place).  Corbin was Whiteford’s fastest runner, averaging 5:49 per mile and running all three under 5:55.  He was followed by Camden Willis (6:18 avg.), Nathan Walker (6:18), McCarty Simmons (6:28), Daniel Gapp (6:29), Logan Bunge-Lance (6:43) and Trenton Kolmar (6:46).

The Bobcats are running in the Tiffin Carnival today, the largest high school cross country race in the nation with thousands of runners.



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