Where it all began: Whiteford’s first varsity sports school year – 1957-58

OTTAWA LAKE — As the COVID-19 pandemic leaves a hole in the sports world, the Whiteford Bobcat Athletic Boosters will spend the next couple of months looking back at some of the great memories in Whiteford sports history.

We’ll start with 1957-58 – the first varsity sports season in Whiteford history.

While the school was already in place and playing at some sub-varsity levels in 1955 and 1956 – the boys basketball team even competed in the 1956-57 state tournament – the 1957-58 sports season is considered the first varsity season.

Eugene Perry scored the first touchdown in Whiteford football history. The Whiteford mascot made its first appearance. Roy Couch (pictured) scored 41 points in a game for the Whiteford varsity basketball team.

Girls sports, incidentally, didn’t make its debut until the 1970s.

Here’s a capsule look at the 1957-58 Whiteford sports year:


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