1959-60: Bobcats join RRC and adds track & field

Whiteford’s 1959-60 school year saw the addition of track and field to the sports lineup and four football players earning All-State recognition, including Doug Olrich (above), a honorable mention choice on the Associated Press team.

Emmett Futrell 2Emmett Futrell (left) was Whiteford’s first-ever First Team All-State choice.

Whiteford also joined a conference for the first time, the newly created River Raisin Conference.

Here’s a look back at the 1959-60 sports year at Whiteford:


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  1. If I remember, John Schindler was the superintendent at the time. Not sure if the “new” high school had been built or if they were still meeting in various “places” in OL, like the old church on Brown St., the fire department annex (town Hall) and other “local” buildings.


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