Whiteford locked in Division 8 football for 2020-21 school year

LANSING – The Michigan High School Athletic Association has announced the 2020-21 school classification list Monday.

Whiteford will remain in Class C and in Division 3 for boys and girls basketball and division 4 for track and field and cross country as well as baseball and softball.

Also locked in for 2020-21 is the classification for football teams across the state.  Whiteford will be in Division 8.

Here is a list of the enrollment figures for each of the eight TCC schools for 2020-21:

TCC School Enrollment
Madison 389
Erie Mason 370
Sand Creek 256
Whiteford 237
Morenci 195
Summerfield 188
Britton Deerfield 171
Pittsford 149

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