Whiteford, other league schools competing in TCC challenge

TCC Challenge Week 1By DOUG DONNELLY

Six Tri-County Conference schools are competing in the TCC Football Workout Challenge, put together by the league’s coaches to keep student-athletes active during the pandemic.

Athletes can earn up to 7.0 points in a week, earning points based on workouts they complete.

“Our No. 1 goal is to allow our kids to engage with one another as a league, having something competitive to do and to honor student athletes who remain focused on their goals during this difficult time,” said Whiteford football coach and athletic director Jason Mensing.

More than 130 athletes took part in week 1. Nearly 30 athletes earned a score of 7.0 for the first week.

Each athlete can earn up to 7.0 points in a week:

They receive up to 3 points doing 20 minutes of strength work, which can be with equipment for those who have it or with manual workouts for those who do not. This includes push-ups, air squats, burpees, etc.

They can receive up to 2 points for 20 minutes of cardiovascular training or speed work.

They can receive up to 2 points for any skill development, throwing, catching, get-off pass sets, cutting etc.

Team points are determined by the total number of players who have chosen to participate. The total points are added up and divided by the total participants.

Britton Deerfield football coach and athletic director Erik Johnson said his Patriot players were excited about the challenge. He’s been sending out workouts to all BD student-athletes for months already.

“Most of the coaches have been sending out at-home workouts since March,” Johnson said. “This was a way to add a competitive aspect for the players. It also helps keep the student-athletes in a routine and keeps them accountable, as they need to perform the workouts and text their coaches.

“Plus, it’s a way they can see what their teammates and other players around the conference are doing.”

The challenge will run for four weeks.

Schools may create multiple teams for different age groups if they choose. Erie Mason, for example, has varsity, junior varsity and middle school students participating.

Madison 6.80
Britton Deerfield 5.30
Morenci 4.60
Britton Deerfield JV 4.20
Erie Mason 3.70
Whiteford 3.70
Erie Mason JV 3.40
Erie Mason MS 3.20
Summerfield 3.00
Whiteford JV 2.30


Players earning 7.0 marks for Week 1:

Dom Arriaga BD
Nico Johnson BD
Mason Mueller BD
Hunter Wynn BD
Nick Wayne BD
Carson Johnson BD
Owen Knaggs Whiteford
Brandon Knaggs Whiteford
Drew Knaggs Whiteford
Eric Parriet Whiteford
Luke Masserant Whiteford
Ty Ruddy Whiteford
Clay Speweik Whiteford
Max Palpant Madison
Vincent Williams Madison
Davion Wheeler Madison
Ryan Fisher Madison
Hayden Stover Madison
Dante Cerasuolo Madison
Xavier Sanford Madison
Wyatt Dusseau-Garno Madison
Jayden Holly Madison
Christian Rohlan Madison
Noah Beaudrie Mason
Tanner Herrera Mason
Blake Hundey Mason
Bryce Diehl Mason
Blake Shipe Mason
Caleb Hall Mason


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