Mensing: Bobcats get ready for return to competition

A note from Whiteford Athletic Director Jason Mensing:

Athletic competitions are officially on for Volleyball and Football/Cheer.

Here is some information and guidelines for events and practices:

For all events fans are restricted to two guests of each athlete. We will also need volunteers to serve as game management and workers in addition to this as well for home competitions.

All guests will be required to social distance and have a facial covering for each contest.

The Tri-County Conference will be charging $5 for all guests for all competitions this year. The Guest Pass will be given to each athlete prior to the competition and you will present that at the ticket gate and make payment at the site of the competition.

Volleyball is able to go back in the gym for practice officially on Wednesday September 9. We will not have competition the week of September 7-11, but will the following week.

Due to Covid restrictions, academic requirements at this time we only have the use of one gym and this will have an impact on practices and practice times we apologize but do not have alternatives at this time.

Coach Ruddy is working with our photographer to set up pictures.

All athletes/fans/coaches/workers will be required to wear facial coverings at all times even while competing. Pay-to-participate must be paid prior to students being allowed to compete in competition.

Football/Cheer can begin official practice on September 8. High School Football will practice at 4 p.m., MS practice will begin at 5 p.m. The first game for the the varsity will be September 18 at Madison. The first JV game will be home with Madison on September 21 and the first MS game will be on September 23rd. JV football games will be on Monday’s this year.

Facial coverings will be required at all time for all workers/players/coaches/guests. Players will need to wear them in practice and competition. We are currently working to reschedule pictures and pay-to-participate will need to be paid prior to any student athlete competes.

Cross Country has been competing and will continue. The guest restrictions are included for cross country as well. The new executive order does require cross country competitors to wear a facial covering as well.

The MHSAA is working to get additional guidance on this change and as soon as I get any changes or adjustments I will immediately communicate it through the coaches.

If you have any questions please give me a call.

Coach Mensing

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